Album Review - Ella Henderson 'Chapter One'

Now, I’ve been a fan of Ella Henderson since she burst onto our screens on the X Factor back in 2012. Described as the next Adele after a number of blindingly beautiful performances, her shock departure made me want to scream curses at the television set. However I am happy to say that Miss Henderson has made a career for herself despite only coming sixth in the popular Saturday night television show and isn’t this an album to show off her powerful voice. When I decided to listen to this album I was a little worried; many of the X Factor stars bring out an album packed to the brim with covers of all our favourite songs then slowly fade into the horizon without a peep. The same I don’t think can be said of this soon to be starlet!

So unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere you will have heard the first track Ghost storming the charts, being blared over various radio stations and blasted in clubs all over the country. As I said before, she has been compared to Adele and my can you hear it here. Her voice has a powerful and deep sound but when she hits the high notes it has an ethereal quality that you just can’t beat. The lyrics are catchy and I have found myself humming this song continuously at work; it is dying to be a karaoke hit in the future and in no means do I think that’s a bad thing. Empire is the second song on the album and it is clear that Miss Henderson is back with a kick; the lyrics and her voice soar with such a heady sound you can’t help but be astounded that it comes from such a young singer. Produced by the incredibly talented TMS, who if you didn’t know also produced the song DNA for Little Mix, Empire really shows off Ella’s voice to the max; the chorus is huge, the vocals are sublime and it is the perfect Friday going home track to get you excited for the weekend.

Track three is my favourite song from the album and that is Glow, I heard this on Radio one a little while back now and just immediately downloaded it and started obsessively playing it. This is a more mid-tempo stunner and Ella’s voice is really showed off. It really shows that Ella has moved on from her X Factor days and instead of the song being laden with cheesy key changes and an over-the-top assault of gimmicks and runs it is executed in a way that makes her voice sound very haunting. If you liked Coldplay’s track ‘Princess of China’ I think you will definitely be a fan of this tune. The next song Yours makes less of an impact; it’s quite slow but the tempo gives the listener something different. It reminds me of Adele all over again (I’ll try to stop making remarks but since Adele has gone a little under the radar recently we need a big powerful female voice back in the frame.) This is incredibly lulling and soulful and I listened to it recently on the way to work and felt a little weepy so be warned!

We quickly move onto the sass-tastic Mirror Man, unfortunately it’s the first song that feels like a filler. We all know the type, the songs that are popped in to add content but in a few weeks if you’ve haven’t listened to the album you might not remember this track. It’s a funk mix and the bass line is rocking throughout; I also liked the wittily place ‘YOU’ yells in parts of the chorus. Interesting, but not a stand out feature. Next we move onto Hard Work; okay scrap what I said earlier this is the song that makes you step back and realise that Ella is incredible but still a very young performer. The song is stunning and shows off her vocal ranger perfectly; she can really move between the high notes and the deeper notes and her range is quite incredible. I can see this song featuring on a chick-flick in the very near future just as the starring lady realises that she has made a terrible mistake deciding not to go with the broken man who has captured her heart. Wonderful.

I keep reading through this review and people will think I obsessed overthe range of her voice, but this song shows off the performance that she can really give; live I bet this song Pieces is just mesmerising. The runs and plays she makes sound effortless; it harks a little back to her X Factor days in terms of really pelting it out but it works because it’s the first time you feel like she’s really trying to show off her voice and because it’s different. Now, this is where it starts to falter and to be honest with you hitting track seven without a bump is pretty impressive. First Time, has more of an R&B, feel and it reminded me of the first few times that Cheryl Cole tried to mix her tracks so they had more of an urban sound. It’s definitely different but it doesn’t quite work with this album and it’s a shame. The next two tracks All Again and Give Your Heart Away are more power ballads; they work with her voice and they show that Ella has really found her groove. She knows how to sing these songs to perfection and it works. Good on girl!

Rockets is the only song on the album I didn’t like and it’s frustrating; it’s such an obvious gap filler that I’d have rather it just wasn’t included, preppy and pop funk it’s obviously shoved in right at the end to get another song in! I’d rather it was left out because the rest of the album is stellar. The album finishes with two wonderful songs, firstly Lay Down, an incredibly moving track that features only Ella and the notes of the piano. It’s a wonderful way to show off her voice and show she can really, REALLY, sing. The final track is the perfect way to wrap up this album and that is Missed. In a rather lovely touch you might remember this as the original song that Ella sang in her audition back where her journey began. It might be one way to end an album but this certainly isn’t the end of the road for the stunning singer Ella Henderson.

Frame Again With Frame Again.

We can’t remember the last time we actually held a physical copy of a photo we’ve taken in the past few years! Which is all very odd considering we now take a zillion more photos with our phone than we ever did with that device called a camera. When you think about it, like really, nostalgia hits and it all seems like such a shame… and Frame Again completely agree!

Their mission is to get people who take photos on their phones to print them off and frame them again. Everyone loves a printed snap but nobody takes the time to put the effort into doing it anymore, so Frame Again have made the process modern and easy.

We ourselves had a little play on http://www.frameagain.com/ and we’re more than chuffed with the end results. Creating your personalised frame couldn’t be easier, there are a variety of colour combinations to choose from and adding your photo of choice is so simple even your Grandma could do it – you can even upload your photo straight from Instagram!

The frames are perfectly simple in design giving it a cool, modern and colourful edge that really tells the story of the picture.

The folks at Frame Again are clearly a brand on the up, turning down an offer from Dragons Den to crowd-fund what they needed to grow the business instead.

We love our Frame Again framed snaps and no doubt you will too, head over to their website to get yours today!


Im A Celeb - New Campmates!

Im A Celeb love to throw a few extra campmates into the mix at some point but it’s not normally until a good 10 days into the show, however with Gemma ‘I love myself too much’ Collins quitting that may have led to us getting some fresh blood a little sooner than expected.

The ladies are finally getting a bit of eye candy – Michael just doesn’t quite do it for us – in the form of Jake Quickenden and the erm, well then there’s Edwina Currie too!

Jake Quickenden – Jungle Profile

Age – 26
Shits his pants over – Rats
Going to miss – Food

Pro’s – will look damn good under the shower and is bloody lovely.
Con’s – only just left the X Factor comforts, might struggle to adapt.

It’s been a busy year for Jake what with getting booted off X Factor (lucky escape) and now heading into the jungle, but they’re opportunities Jake is keen to relish.

I said yes straight away. It is such an amazing show. I used to watch it with my older brother and we both said we’d love to do it one day. It’s a real adventure and it is going to be so much fun.”

I am going to take this opportunity with both hands. I want to relish everything that is thrown at me. I actually haven’t stopped grinning since I got offered this.

He’s not going in there to win it, but we reckon King Jake has a nice ring to it.

Edwina Currie – Jungle Profile

Age – 68
Shits her pants over – bad smells and being nibbled
Going to miss – The hubby

Pro’s – she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind
Con’s – she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind

Having previously turned down a stint in the jungle Edwina says she isn’t going to pull any punches and is looking for a big adventure.

I am 68 and I like having adventures,” she admits. “If an advanced stage of life is not an adventure, then you might as well give up on everything! This will certainly be something I have never experienced before.”

Her granddaughter is going to be over the moon with Edwina appearing on the show and we reckon a few others might too… could be a dark horse.

You can catch Jake and Edwina entering the jungle TONIGHT on ITV at 9pm


Anchor & Rose Ldn Do Movember UK With Style.

We love a bit of Anchor & Rose Ldn here at ItsBizNews and you’d be pretty heartless not to love a bit of charity, so when those two come together, it’s bound to be magic.

Anchor & Rose Ldn have decided to change to the perception of those that deem supporting charities as ‘uncool’ (what tits) by giving Movember UK a stylish twist. In their unique hand drawn style they’ve designed and created a limited edition t-shirt to help raise as much money as possible for the fundraising initiative.

Sometimes with these things it’s more substance over style but with this Tee it’s damn nice to look at too! Win, win!

We love Movember UK as it gives us chance to see who can grow more than just a slug trail of upper lip fuzz, but we kind of feel left out what with our female anatomy. Now thanks to Anchor & Rose Ldn’s fantastic idea we can get involved… we’re a little bit in love with the design.

T-shirts are priced at £14.99 with 20% of all profit going to the charity; you can grab yours over at http://anchorandroseldn.bigcartel.com/ now!


Im A Celeb - Episode One Preview

Its back! It’s ruddy bloody back! We’re so excited, so excited that if we had any self-awareness we’d be embarrassed. Ant & Dec plus a bunch of celebs making jokes and eating weird crap in the Australian jungle is always one of the TV highlights of the year, no matter what the line-up! Check out our in-depth run down of said line-up coming your way soon, in the meantime here’s what’s coming up in tonight’s launch show…

As is now standard the celebs are split into two groups before they enter the jungle and the early bonding begins.

First to arrive in a glamorous speedboat is Michael Buerk who said, "I'd probably describe myself as self-important and pompous” and he isn’t a huge fan of the ol’ celebrity culture.

Second to arrive was Tinchy Stryder who promptly taught Michael his ’rapper handshake’.

They were then joined by Kendra Wilkinson, the former playmate made it clear that despite her sweet laugh she’s no pushover. "You will think I'm cute because of my laugh but I will bite your head off if you fuck with me."

She soon got the party started after realizing Michael wasn’t a comedian as she’d assumed, offering to show him how to twerk and suggesting they should do shots.

Jimmy Bullard and Melanie Sykes rounded up the first group of celebs and shared their nerves of what’s to come.

First to arrive in the second group via a hot red Ferrari was Craig Charles, he confessed he’d hate to be in the jungle with himself as he’d find himself really annoying.

Vicki Michelle was next in and said she’s doing the show for the older women to show they can still get stuck in.

Third to arrive in group two was Carl Fogarty who isn’t a huge fan of people in general. His worst kind of person is someone who’s famous for being on a reality show…

Then arrives Gemma Collins followed by Nadia Forde. Gemma says she’s hoping there’s nobody grumpy in camp as she’s not one to keep quiet. Nadia was busy listing off everything she’s scared of; it’s a long list!

For the first time ever the celebs fate had been decided by the public before they’d even all met, with one group receiving one final night of luxury, the other a night in the celebrity slammer… that’s never going to fun.

Things don’t get off to the best of starts for Gemma as she’s freaked out just sitting in the helicopter – turning into a hysterical nervous wreck she climbed out…

To find out which group has been voted into the celebrity slammer, and to see how they are faring, tune into I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Tonight at 9pm on ITV.

Then turn over to ITV2 at 10.40pm for I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here Now! for all the gossip on the show.  Celebrity guests are Eamonn Holmes and Ashley Roberts.