Man Candy - Andre Hamann

After stumbling upon his Twitter @Andre_Hamann we fell a little bit in love, then we went browsing his Instagram instagram.com/andrehamann and we fell inappropriately head over heels. Clearly Andre is a model... surprise, surprise but he's multitalented too. Not only can he stand there looking super pretty he can also play guitar; really really well (see what we mean about falling in love with him). AND he's got his own clothing brand hazeandglory.com, which we'd happily spend our entire wages on. What a catch! We really struggled narrowing down the pictures to post here so after you've had a ponder head over to his instagram for more!

Our eyes are forever grateful to you Andre!

TOWIE - Final Episode.

TOWIE is over, that’s it, done and dusted, and it’s a wrap. Season 12 has come to a close and despite a distinct lack of Mario (tut tut) it wasn’t all that bad, after a stead start we got ourselves plenty of Ricky & Jess screen time, Lockie returned, Dan took hit top off (although not nearly often enough), there was new romance, classic cheating rumours, family feuds and of course, Arg being Arg. Here’s what we learnt from the final episode…

1. Arg is basically Alan from The Hangover, only less beardy and much less funny; he’s a shit Alan.
2. We got far too excited at the prospect of Charlie’s hair looking good.
3. The tables were set to turn; Chloe was almost the new Ferne on the outside of an Essex family mafia.
4. Lewis would totally have been the object of our cheers at sports day.
5. Naked pictures alert! Rookie mistake, have they learnt nothing from Arg?
6. The psychic card man had so much frizz it gave us anxiety, Poor bloke.
7. No matter what the fancy dress theme a bow tie can always be worn. Apparently.
8. Candy floss is the best peace offering of all time – if a Mulberry bag or trip to Paris isn’t available.
9. The Grease inspired fun fair is the best party idea, EVER. Bravo people of Essex.
10. 50’s Lockie looks exactly like normal Lockie… FIT.
11. 50’s Tom also looks exactly like normal Tom… FIT.
12. Charlie has proved to the world he can grow hair and it has served a fancy dress purpose, but surely now is the time to part company, please.
13. Bobby is now the envy of anyone with a pulse. Dan seemed to enjoy the smooch almost as much as Bobby.
14. More Grace screeching, our ears can’t take much more. We’d rather listen to Justin Bieber.
15. 50’s Ricky looks exactly like normal Ricky (wearing a vest)… way FIT.
16. If TOWIE introduced a red button commentary feature Ricky would have to do it, he’s the drama commentary king.
17. Arg’s nervous laugh is so close to crossing over from endearing to crazy.
18. When Lydia saw the shoebox her eyes lit up like Arg at a buffet.
19. We need much more Dan action.
20. Elliott was doing a lovely romancey speech and all we could think was how on earth have we not noticed his veneer lips before. It’s kind of adorable.
21. Arg managed to pull off actual romance, bless him. However if it’s not Shane Filan singing it we’re not interested.
22. We definitely missed Mario.

Holly Hagan, 'The Singer'.

Prepare to be shocked and amazed; we certainly were! Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan can sing… really! And to prove it she’s released an actual track!

Holly has teamed up with dance music giants, All Around The World, to create the track and it’s no doubt going to surprise plenty of people; something she’s incredibly excited about. Holly said, “I never thought I’d have the opportunity to be able to make my own music record, it’s like a dream come true.”

The track is a cover of Kelis’s ‘Milkshake’, which was a huge hit (prepare to be amazed again) over 10 years ago, seriously! (We feel old). Holly has vamped up the track giving it a whole new Clubland twist, turning into an instant dance floor filler.

I’ve always been a fan of the song, and now I’ve given my own take on it. Since my early teens, I’ve always loved Clubland, and dance music and so do all my friends. This track is unapologetically Clubland.

I hope everyone can have a sing and dance along to it, and just have fun, because that is my intention.

The whole idea came about when Holly was partying, no surprise there, and heard a Milkshake bootleg featuring 50 Cent and Mary J Blige. Falling in love with the song lead her to producer/DJ Steve Cocky and the rest as they say is history.

If you’re a big Geordie Shore fan, the whole, Holly can sing thing, might not be the biggest shock. As she starred in a homemade YouTube clip along side Charlotte Crosby where she showed off her powerful voice covering City High ‘What Would You Do’. However to most, this is somewhat of a revelation! Don’t just take our word for it though, check out Holly’s skills for yourself…


Lateysha Loves

MTV's favourite Welsh star Lateysha Grace is fast becoming a fashion guru for her fans so it made perfect sense for her to bring out her own range.

Lateysha teamed up with www.LoveSasha.com for her first Autumn/Winter range that became an instant hit and boasted incredible sales, so much so Love Sasha were more than delighted to team up with Lateysha once more for her Summer range.

At a slender size 10 with curves in all the right places it’s no surprise she’s body-confident and developing into a proud role model for real girls. What better way to showoff than in style!

The Lateysha Loves collection is a mix of floral, colourful, two-piece and monochrome items; perfect for the summer trends and reflective of her own personal style. You’d be surprised how many famous faces bring out a collection they wouldn’t wear themselves but that’s not the case here; she’s got her summer wardrobe perfectly catered for.

"I'm abroad quite a lot this Spring Summer, I'm off to a big party in the Netherlands, A beach theme party in Belgium, and of course, my annual 2 weeks in Magaluf and with my collection I don't need to buy anything more than just my bikinis."

You may think it’d be a tad expensive to get the Lateysha look, but you’d be wrong. She’s not someone who’ll go out and spend £100’s on clothes and Lateysha has worked hard to ensure fans of her collections don’t have to either; personally hammering down supplies to keep prices rock bottom. Everyone loves a stylish bargain and with prices ranging from just £8.99 to £29.99 you’d find it hard to beat!

Here’s a snippet of what she has to offer… you can find the rest at http://www.lovesasha.com/lateyshaloves.html


EastEnders - Hello Ma (Again)

Nick is ALIVE, we know it, Charlie knows it, Carol knows it and soon everyone will know it. He’s heading back to Walford to cause trouble for Dot, his long suffering Ma.

We all thought he was dead and buried when son, Charlie, arrived and delivered the news but since then things haven’t quite added up. Finally speculation ended during Monday’s episode when Carol answered Charlie’s phone and instantly recognised those sinister tones.

But why did he and Charlie fake his death? And why is he soon to be heading back? We can guarantee the answers won’t be boring!

With EastEnders 30th anniversary approaching, Executive Producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins said “it’s only fitting that our original bad boy – and soap’s most iconic villain – returns to Albert Square to cause more trouble for his Ma. It’s time for the indomitable June Brown to have the Nick story to end all Nick stories – and with Declan and Pauline in the mix too, it’s going to be an exciting bumpy ride as the Cottons begin to unravel…”

It’s been 5 years since John Altman last wore Nick’s infamous leather jacket and he’s very much looking forward to his return, “After a five year break I'm very pleased and much looking forward to returning to EastEnders. With the promise of some hard hitting and gritty storylines I'm sure the residents of Albert Square will be none too pleased to see Nick Cotton back on the streets of Walford. I'm also looking forward to working alongside Declan Bennett and Pauline McLynn. And of course being reunited and working once again with my ‘dear old Ma’, the wonderful June Brown. ”

It won’t be long until we’re hearing ‘Hello, Ma”, again!