The X Factor - Show Seven Teaser.

Our final weekend of nice, calm, cheerful, drama free auditions is upon us. It’s our last chance to see mostly smiling faces before the horror of bootcamp is unleashed. Here’s who’s coming up…

Chloe Jasmin

The fabulous Chloe takes time out from experimenting with gluten free cooking to grace the Wembley stage. After effortlessly charming the judges and the audience she performs her version of ‘Why Don’t You Do Right’. Will the judges find her voice just as cool and bluesy as they did in the room audition?
Why Don’t You Do Right – Who Framed Rodger Rabbit

Fleur East

It’s the first time we’ve seen Fleur this series, but not the first time we’ve seen her on the show. She was in the group ‘Addictive Ladies’ who made it to the live shows way back in series 2. With Simon stopping her mid-flow and asking for a second song will she be able to hold her nerve and get those yes’s?
I Wanna Dance With Somebody/Fine China – Whitney Houston/Chris Brown


Having managed to alienate Cheryl in her first audition she still fought her way through to the arena stage. Performing another original song will she manage to keep her mouth from talking her into no’s rather than yes’s?
Original Song – Raign

Emily Middlemass

Having only caught a fleeting glimpse of Emily in the room auditions we get to see what she can really do in the arena. With Simon saying she could be one of the really good ones they’ve found this year will she be able to match his expectations?
Yellow – Coldplay

Stephanie Nala

If you’ve seen Britain’s Got Talent you’ll almost instantly recognise Stephanie, just like the arena crowd do; she was part of the band The Luminites. Having introduced herself she starts her audition, will she be just as good, if not better, solo? Or will she look a bit lonely on the stage?
Let Me Be Your Fantasy – Baby D

Kerrianne Covell

Kerrianne is back and is happy to announce she still has a job thanks to Simon’s phone call! Choosing to perform a track by former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, Simon adds an extra little bit of pressure. Will she be able to pull off the big song? Prepare to be amazed.
I Know You Won’t – Carrie Underwood

Scarlett Quinn

Aka Kitten from former duo Kitten and The Hip is back, without husband, the hip. Now solo will she be able to shine as she did in the room?
Ain’t No Other Man – Christina Aguilera

Ben Haenow

Cheeky van driver Ben is back and taking to the arena stage. Simon questions why the 29 year old hasn’t yet made it from busker to professional singer, before Ben performs for the waiting crowd. He blew the judges away during his room audition; will he be able to do the same on the bigger stage?
Wild Horses – Rolling Stones



The X Factor - Arena Auditions (Two)

Sunday’s X Factor gave us the chance to see another handpicked selection of arena auditions. Much like Saturday’s installment there was a handful of potential stars and a whole heap of blah. Here’s what we thought of the few we did get to see more than just a fleeting glimpse of…

Andrea Faustini

We were a little worried we might not love Andrea as much without his pug sweater, but luckily for him and us he came sporting a pug shirt. We might love him. He'd brought along his lovely mama and papa all the way from Rome who waited backstage with tears in their eyes. Then he treated everyone to his rendition of ‘Try a Little Tenderness” and what a treat it was! Straight through to bootcamp he went, we can’t wait to see what pug inspired attire he wears next.

Before the next act took to the arena stage Simon, somewhat stupidly, announced he needed a wee. The devil inside Cheryl and Mel couldn’t resist the opportunity to tease his bladder and decided to reeeeeeeeeeally stretch out the next audition. A 7-page questionnaire of inquiries later Overload got around to singing…


No, no, no. Yes, yes yes!! We’re a little obsessed with this arena audition. Having only caught a brief glimpse of them in the room auditions it was nice to get a real meaty slice of the chaps. Obviously great friends, they chose to perform an original track; brave move! And it was a brave move that really paid off. After one listen we had the chorus firmly in our heads, several listens later (we’ve lost count how many) and we can proudly sing along word for word. 5 great looking guys and a catchy pop hit in the making, clearly they breezed on through to bootcamp. As long as they take Simon’s advice to be their own band they’ve got a bright future ahead.

Next we had a montage of less than successful auditions all falling flat in front of the brutal audience. Then along came Stevie…

Stevie Ritchie

The audience was still a little deadpan when he came out but he soon won them round and got them joining in with his version of 'Don't Stop Me Now'. He doesn’t have the best vocals by any stretch but he can certainly perform, even if it is with a tint of caravan park cheese. He perhaps shouldn’t go all David Brent in front of 5000 people again but for some reason it worked. Simon declared him Wembley’s new hero and sent him off to bootcamp.

Kayleigh Manners

Kayleigh really won around the judges in her previous audition with her understated guitar playing and sweet soulful voice. She set the bar high for herself going into this second arena round but the pressure got to her. After a stuttering start and a little pep talk from Cheryl she ditched the guitar and old Beatles tune, swapping them for a more acoustic Ellie Goulding version of Elton John's 'Your Song'. Mel thought her voice was amazing and Louis admired her frailty. She got the desired yes’s and we’ll hopefully be seeing a much more confident Kayleigh at bootcamp.

Jay James

We felt inappropriately in love with Jay during his room audition and now its reached new heights. His song of choice was Coldplay's 'Fix You' and he put everything into, passion, control, and most importantly a sprinkle of Jay James. It could quite easily have been his own song he was performing on that stage. He captivated not only everyone in the arena but also every one of us at home too, you couldn’t fail to be sat waiting on his every note. We can’t wait to see and hear so much more of Jay.

Scott & Bailey - Episode Two.

Scott & Bailey returned last week and it was just as good, if not better, than ever before.

The hunt to find out what happened to a vulnerable missing person led Syndicate 9 to a historical missing persons case after discovering Mandy Sweeting’s body.

In tonight’s episode, new Sergeant, Rachel, is thrown in at the deep end with the case, wading through narrow-minded police work and re-interviewing bereft family members.

Syndicate 9’s biggest challenge is hiding their contempt for the poor police work, which hampered the original investigation. The task is made even harder considering Rob’s father worked on the case.

Also in tonight’s episode Janet continues to keep Jill’s secret but shares something else with Rachel; she wants a boyfriend.


Emmerdale - Robert Sugden Returns to the Village

Things have been looking pretty rosy for Andy Sugden after proposing to Katie and rekindling their love. But that’s about to change; Robert Sugden is heading back to the village and is set to cause plenty of trouble for his brother.

The part previously played by Karl Davies will be taken over by newcomer Ryan Hawley who’ll first appear on the screen towards the end of October.

Ryan said, "I am absolutely over the moon to be joining the show. Playing such an interesting character with a complicated history in the village is so much fun, especially as my family are all big Emmerdale fans. I can't say much about what’s going to happen but I am delighted to be a part of it."

Life has never been dull for Robert and his adopted brother Andy; he’s always felt second best and has never been forgiven for having an affair with Katie. His return could see old rivalries awaken and put a spanner in the works for Andy and Katie’s big day!

Kate Oates, Emmerdale Series Producer said: “I'm delighted to welcome Ryan to the show. Robert is a complex character and when we were looking for someone to take over the role, Ryan had the perfect balance of charm and edge. Robert Sugden’s life has moved on in many ways... but those ingrained feelings - about his father, Andy, Katie, and the village where he grew up - are sure to find an explosive outlet.”

We can’t wait to see Robert back causing havoc in the village!


Celebrity Juice - Gino D'Acampo Join the Panel.

With Holly Willoughby set to burst she’s off on maternity leave, meaning Celebrity Juice need a stand in captain. When Fearne Cotton went on maternity leave it was Kelly Brook that kept her seat warm but this time they’re going in a whole new exotic direction with Gino D’Acampo; all the way from Sheffield.

Celebrity Juice kicked off its 12th series last Thursday with Holly but Gino will be taking her place from this weeks show.

Keith Lemon commented: “Looking forward to having me old pal from Sheffield cover for Holly whilst she's sprouting. I don't know how he's gonna keep up that fake Italian accent for a whole series but it's gonna be fantastico! As Gino says, or when he's out of character 'reet good'!

Gino D’Acampo added: “I actually can’t believe it’s true…it’s going to be the gig of my year!  A show where I can express myself, not through food, but through my sex positions.  Which I will be very happy to demonstrate with Fearne.”

Gino is no stranger to the panel and fans will no doubt be delighted with the decision to have him on the show week in week out, there’s guaranteed laughs aplenty when Gino unleashes his not so secret or subtle naughty side.

The 2nd show of the 11 episode series airs Thursday, 10pm on ITV2.