CBB - Coming Up... Day 8.

Day 8 in the Big Brother house…

Claire is philosophical about being evicted.

In the diary room James says ‘The games have begun now. And when talking about Frenchy he says ‘I can’t stand her, I despise her as a human being.

James tells Gary that whenever he goes for a shower to make sure one of the boys is there with him as it’s slippery and he’s worried about his knee. Audley tells Gary that ‘no-one wants to see your dingaling but we need to be there.’

Lauren is warned about pissing in the pool. She’s not sure if she but says sorry anyway after Big Brother points out this is immature behaviour for a twenty seven year old.

Dee tells Claire that she’s scared of Leslie comparing him to Hannibal Lecter and a Jack Russell.

Leslie shares a childhood memory with Kellie in the pod about a Christmas visit to Santa when he was three and asked for a bride doll. His father said that he would have one ‘over his dead body’ but his mother said she couldn’t break it to little Leslie that he couldn’t have his doll and in the end his stern father went out and bought him one so he wouldn’t be disappointed on Christmas morning.

Shopping Task

Housemates will have to endure Big Brother’s phobia tests. What they don’t know is that the whole task actually rests on Gary, who will have to convince housemates he has a genuine phobia of balloons. When faced with fears housemates can press their panic buzzer and stop the task, however they’ll think this incurs a fail.

Stephanie - Osmophobia – The Fear Of Smells – She has to place her head in an enclosed box with items such as rotting meat, stinky cheese, dirty socks and buzzing flies.

Edele - Omphalophonia – The Fear Of Belly Buttons – She has to have her face mashed into a man’s belly button.

Ricci – Neophobia - The Fear Of Surprises – He has to open a box that contains an unknown item… which gunges him in the face.

Kellie, Dee and Frenchy - Epistemophobia – The fear of knowledge - They must each stand behind the knowledge podium to test if they are scared of answering questions posed to them by Big Brother, the rest of the housemates are watching on the plasma.

Frenchy – Who’s being fake and why? – Kellie – She’s nice to her and then talks about her behind her back.

Kellie – Biggest ego and why? – Leslie – He’s intent on winning and he’s camping it up and suffers from small man ego.

Dee – Most manipulative and why? – Gary – He seems to come alive when he thinks there is a live eviction. He manipulates situations because someone told him he would be here till the end.

David and Lauren - Arachnophobia – fear of spiders. They are put in a room together with a panic button and the lights go out. A person dressed as a spider comes into the room and lightly touches Lauren’s shoulder and she presses the panic button.

James and George - Morrischorophobia – fear of Morris Dancing. They are both fully kitted out in the full traditional dress and start to dance when the music starts.

James helps David out with his workout.

Stephanie talks to Kellie and Lauren about her split with Spencer Matthews after he cheated on her in September.

Frenchy and Gary form an alliance.

The home truths revealed in the shopping task leaves Gary wanting a word with Dee. He tells her that he’s died twice and has been privy to information not available on earth. Dee says: ‘That’s as maybe.’ And he takes this as a statement of non-belief.

George tells Frenchy that if he had been asked who the most fake is he would have said her because she has fake boobs and hair and he bets even her Uggs are fake.

Lauren tells Stephanie that she thinks that Ricci is a very good guy but she doesn’t have ‘that fancy for him.’

James and George are called to the diary room for the shopping taskvand as George walks off he and Stephanie exchange ‘I love you.’

Stephanie announces that she misses George and tells the group that if he leaves she might have to leave with him.

Stephanie goes to the Diary and demands to know where George is and that Big Brother must get him down as he usually provides the entertainment and all the Housemates are missing him.



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Tumble - Show Three.

Week three at Tumble HQ brought more twists and turns than a day at Thorpe Park, along with two brand new challenges: trampolines and ribbons.

This week each of the remaining celebrities had to master either rhythmic gymnastics or using a trampoline in their routines. After a lively opening number (with very colourful balls) it was time to Tumble.

The ‘trampolinists’ went first followed by the ‘rhythmics.’  Here’s what happened on the show-floor.

Carl Froch and Sita Bhuller

Music: Bamboleo (Gypsy Kings)
Costumes: Sita: Red crop top and black shorts. Carl: Very little! Red Matador trousers and cape
Apparatus/prop: Trampoline.
Summary in ten words: Spanish bullfight, lots of jumping but some clumsy landings.

Judges feedback: Amazing front and back somersaults, good job.
Judges score: 29.5/40
Our score: 28/40

‘H’ from Steps and Holly Johnstone

Music: Feel So Close (Calvin Harris)
Costumes: Holly: Lilac floral leotard. H: Lilac top and floral short with face paint.
Apparatus/prop: Trampoline
Summary in ten words: Surfboards, leaping, character, and the odd stumble but very brave

Judges feedback: Difficult routine with brave crash dives, shaky start and not his best performance.
Judges score: 26.5/40
Our score: 29/40

Lucy Mecklenburgh and Billy George

Music: The Only Way Is Up (Yazz)
Costumes: Lucy:  A deep pink cat suit and sparkly chest line. Billy: Coral pink blazer, shirt and shorts.
Apparatus/prop: Trampoline
Summary in ten words: Lively, fun love story with glitz, glamour, flips and rhythm.

Judges feedback: Great flips, most improved contestant. Lucy’s got a gymnast inside her waiting to get out. Loved it!
Judges score: 29.5/40
Our score: 30/40

Peter Duncan and Kate McWilliam

Music: Jump Around (House of Pain)
Costumes: Blue and orange wrestler outfits
Apparatus/prop: Trampoline
Summary in ten words: Comical jumping, lots of flying around but fun helicopter move.

Judges feedback: Loved the performance, lots of improvement, versatile performer but slight loss of concentration.
Judges score: 29.5/40
Our score: 30/40

Sarah Harding and Leon Fagbemi

Music: Burn (Ellie Goulding)
Costumes: Sarah: Pink cat suit and armbands. Leon: Matching pink trousers.
Apparatus/prop: None. Trampoline
Summary in ten words: Pink, lots of petals, great somersaults but slightly dodgy finish.

Judges feedback: Well done for going for the back somersault, slightly more control needed.
Judges score: 26.5/40
Our score: 27/40

Amelle Berrabah and Doug Fordyce

Music: These Boots Were Made for Walking (Nancy Sinatra)
Costumes: Amelle: Blue top, brown tassel choker, brown leather shorts. Doug: Open leather look top and matching trousers.
Apparatus/prop: Rhythmic floor routine, with lasso.
Summary in ten words: Wild West and lasso-tastic, great tumbles with little stumble.

Judges feedback: Has been better in rehearsal, noticeable mistakes but good job and challenging routine.
Judges score: 24/40
Our score: 25/40

Emma Samms and Ivan Pastor

Music: Ghost (Ella Henderson)
Costumes: Emma: Cobalt blue sequinned cat suit and mermaid style plaits with hair band. Ivan: Matching blue sequinned top and leggings.
Apparatus/prop: Rhythmic floor routine, with ball.
Summary in ten words: Underwater adventure, more hits than misses with another balletic theme.

Judges feedback: Beautiful routine, nice but not very exciting.
Judges score: 23.5/40
Our score: 25/40

John Partridge and Kat Would

Music: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (The Clash)
Costumes: Kat: Long sleeved, snow leopard print crop top and matching shorts. John: Gold, glitzy tank top and white skinny jeans.
Apparatus/prop: Rhythmic floor routine with clubs.
Summary in ten words: Tricky Rock ‘n’ Roll routine, done with attack.  Dropped prop.

Judges feedback: Great energy, minor mistakes, artistic and dynamic.
Judges score: 30/40
Our score: 29/40

Bobby Lockwood and Kristin Allen

Music: Everybody Get Up (Five)
Costumes: Kristin: Green and blue cheerleader outfit. Bobby: Green and yellow tank top and shorts.
Apparatus/prop: Rhythmic floor routine, with basketballs.
Summary in ten words: Energetic, American high-school themed routine with good use of prop.

Judges feedback: Brilliant, good acrobatics and coordination. This pair is ready for Vegas!
Judges score: 32/40
Our score: 31/40

So Bobby came top closely followed by John Partridge but it was Emma who was now left to face Amelle in the dreaded vault-off.

Whilst they prepared, we were treated to girl band The Saturdays performing a medley some of their greatest hits and dancing with some fit topless male gymnasts somersaulting around them.

Vault off no. 1 – Amelle Barrabah

A speedy run up, good take off, round-off vault landed straight down the middle with very little wobble.

Vault off no. 2 – Emma Samms

A solid run up, well executed take off, confident straddle jump and landed immaculately.

Judge Nina Comaneci had the deciding vote once more and opted to save Amelle after saying Emma’s vault was less impressive.

Emma Samms therefore became the second celeb to leave the competition and was presented with a bouquet by Ivan and her coach Phil.  Fair play to the lady – she did herself very proud during her stint on the show and her pointe ballet routine last week was stunning!

Crikey - these women are dropping like flies! We’re thinking the playing field may be evened out next week as the first male contestant is voted out. Who’s with us?

CBB - Coming up... Day 7.

Day 7 in the Big Brother house…

David asks Ricci if he’d be as fussed about her if he was in the outside world and Ricci admits, “I really like her.”

Edele tells Lauren that Ricci likes her “like that”. Lauren asks how she knows and Edele jokes it’s obvious. Embarrassed Lauren admits it’s “nice when someone likes you…it’s quite cute”

Ricci and James talk to David about being on the scrap heap with Gary. David does an impersonation of Gary and admits, “five hours, six hours of that is taking its toll” James says that he would vote for Frenchy to go because she is “so weird”.

Kellie and George are chatting and George asks how her mum took the news and Kellie admits she was “fantastic” and said, “You’re still my child, no matter what you want to do” George says that it’s a “lovely” story and Kellie then describes the first time she met her mum as Kellie and she said, “I think dear, you’re wearing too much make up!” George then describes his relationship with his mum and admits that he’s told her things he didn’t want her to hear because she’s his best friend. Kellie jokes, “You can’t have my body, I’m not ready” and George replies, “I don’t mean to be flirty. Just remember, Kellie, I wouldn’t have kissed Frank!” and they both laugh.

David does a handstand press up in the scrap heap, impressing Stephanie “How does that happen? You’re the strongest person I’ve ever met”.

George shows Lauren a present he’s made for Stephanie; a bowl with the words “I love eeew” carved into it.

After watching David perform his exercises, Stephanie tells James, “David is so hot. I was dying out there.” Edele joins the conversation and says “he’s not what he looks like” James then asks Stephanie if there’s any chance she would date George and she shakes her head to say no but says that she does love George as a friend and that he “makes this whole thing so much better”

Audley takes it upon himself to lead a Sunday service for the Housemates. Audley welcomes the Housemates to the “Spiritual Centre called NEGU” (Never Ever Give Up) and proceeds to give a rousing speech.

Edele heads up to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother that she just wants a hug from her twin as it’s finally hit her that she has separated from her husband. She feels that she is isolating herself from the group, as she doesn’t want to bring them down with her problems.

George gives his present to Stephanie and she loves it, admitting, “I’ve never got a gift like this before!” James asks if she loves George and she admits she does and that “maybe one day when he matures” she could love him in a “sexual way”

In the Diary Room, Big Brother asks Gary if he’s enjoying being on the scrap heap and he says “it’s a very big gift to sit there and relax, and I get to reflect on what I’m learning and how I’m being educated” He goes on to say that he’s learning a lot about English people and the language they use. When asked whom he’s closest to in the House, he lists all the Housemate including “the lady whose voice can penetrate led”, Dee.

Big Brother gathers the Housemates to play More or Less a Celebrity, hosted by Leslie. The housemates on the Scrap Heap will have to guess what answers Leslie gave when comparing them across different catagories. The Housemate who guesses the most correctly will receive a surprise from Big Brother.

Kellie must guess how Leslie rated the Housemates in terms of fame. Edele is rated less famous than Ricci and leaps up jokingly shouting, “fuck you!” She then incorrectly guessed that Gary was more famous that Audley. Gary doesn’t take this news well and tells Leslie, “That’s wrong! I’m internationally famous!”

Gary says he feels “consistently and constantly confident” After being voted less intelligent than Frenchy.

Frenchy gives four correct answers, making her the winner.

Big Brother tells Frenchy that, as the winner she is saved from the Celebrity Scrap Heap and no longer faces eviction. However, she must choose one Housemate, who she feels least deserves their place in the House, to take her place. She chooses James.

Big Brother then tells Leslie that he must nominate a fifth and final Housemate to face eviction. He chooses Claire because he thinks she’s the strongest, which Claire denies admitting “I’ve nearly been in tears for three days”

The five Housemates facing eviction are Kellie, David, Gary, James and Claire.

Some of the Housemates are being too loud for Gary who asks why English people are so loud when they talk. James says, “Are you joking? American people are the loudest speaking people in the world!” This annoys Gary who says that he wasn’t making a statement, only asking a question.

James is trying to get Lauren to showcase her hidden singing talents and she admits that she doesn’t believe in herself. Gary observes that she’s nervous and will do it when she’s ready. James tries to encourage her to “let it out” but Gary advices that you can’t push people “in the big time” James is clearly put out by this and says, “In the dance world, I’m Brad Pitt…it’s a fact”. When Gary questions who told him this, James asks if he is trying to start an augment.

Gary and James are talking about love. Gary says that he’s “married spiritually” to his girlfriend and they’ve “been together for 32 lifetimes” James is puzzled and Gary explains a past life when he and his girlfriend were the parents of Constantine, the Roman Emperor. James doesn’t understand.



CBB - Coming up... Day 6.

Day 6 in the Big Brother house…

Leslie thinks Kellie should come to him and apologise however Stephanie tells him he should go to Kellie stating how upset she was last night.

Kellie returns to the house after a visit to the diary room and gets a hug from Dee. Kellie reflects on the previous night and her row with Leslie and says: ‘I can’t believe I was nice to that little twerp.’ Kellie observes that Leslie is a full time actor and know how to play the game. Kellie resolves to kill Leslie with kindness but when she gets the chance to nominate…

Edele is exercising in the garden and sees Gary have a fall and rushes over to help.

Kellie and Leslie have a chat and Kellie tells him that she feels that he stabbed her in the back. Leslie says: ‘Oh honey that’s so not true.’ Kellie asks Leslie how he could have said she was the least entertaining and starts to cry. Leslie says: ‘You’re not here for entertainment; you’re here to be Kellie, that’s not entertainment.’ Kellie adds: ‘I could have squashed you so easy but I don’t want to do that.’

Ricci talks to Dee about having the balls to speak to Lauren, Dee suggests he isn’t an overly confident person and Ricci answers: ‘When it’s someone you like, it’s different.’

David makes an ice pack for Gary’s knee which he injured during his earlier fall. Gary says that it needs more than ice and David calls him ‘ungrateful.’ David then takes Gary into the bedroom to pack his knee but Gary bats him away saying: ‘I’ve been doing this a long time.’ David says: ‘I’ll leave you to it.’ and calls him a prick as he walks away.

Audley makes up with James and James tells him: ‘I think you’re a great guy man.’ James does mention that George honestly has a problem with his name and that he meant no offence either.

After his chat with James, Audley suggets from now on George calls him ‘H’. George is relieved and says: ‘It’ll come out when I’m drunk and I don’t want to piss you off.’

Kellie goes to the Diary Room and is warned by Big Brother about her behaviour with Leslie the previous evening.

Claire asks Gary if he was in the film ‘Piranha’. Gary says he was in the first eight minutes, which was a relief when he saw the rest of the film.

After her warning, Kellie apologises to Leslie.

The three least entertaining Housemates voted for in a public poll, Edele, David and Claire must showcase their talents for Leslie to avoid being put on the Scrap Heap.

Claire performs her own take on Romeo and Juliet.

David, whose talent is his physical fitness with a dash of go-go dancer.

Edele performs ‘C’est La Vie.’

Leslie picks David to send to the Scrap Heap and says: ‘That bum, I can’t be around it any longer.’

Ricci, George and Lauren are chatting about what Lauren finds attractive. She says that George will 100% get a girlfriend because of his personality. She also says that she doesn’t fancy Essex boys anymore then focuses on Ricci and tells him his body is ‘immense.’ Ricci answers: ‘We are definitely going places.’

Ricci asks Lauren if she has ever been to Paris and she says no. He then says he will take her as Paris it’s: ‘F**king sick.’ Lauren says she will want to sleep in separate rooms as she thinks Ricci will try it on with her. Ricci exclaims: ‘I like you! I’m going to put that out there.’ He adds that when you meet the right person you know and that he wants to settle down and give his parents grandchildren.

Ricci further talks about his feelings for Lauren with David. He says: ‘If I’m making myself look a dick, then I’m doing it.’

James can’t sleep because of Leslie’s loud snoring so goes into the garden to talk to Lauren and asks her if her feelings have changed towards Ricci. He tells her that Ricci knows how to treat a lady and Lauren says: ‘Maybe I should give him a chance.’ James tells her: ‘You could do a lot worse.’