CBB - Coming up... Day 13.

Day 13 in the Big Brother house...

Housemates wake up to a strange dome in the garden.

Ricci gets a sweat on in the garden.

James tries to explain to Gary that some suitcases are still in the storeroom but Gary doesn’t understand. James says: ‘I feel like a baby-sitter.’ Gary apologises ‘with his heart’ and asks if he can let it go and James says: ‘Even a dog can learn new tricks.’

Audley tells Frenchy she has no junk in the trunk.

Gary tells James, ‘You’re not really there yet for compatible communication.’ James says that he will try to listen. Gary tells James he needs anger management and rage control.


James and Audley battle it out in a test of endurance. They will both enter the dome and have to annoy each other verbally without using any physical contact. The Housemate who stays in the dome the longest will win immunity from nomination and a party with luxury food for their team.

Audley’s team – George, Dee, Lauren, Claire, Kellie.

James’s team – Stephanie, Ricci, Edele, Gary, Frenchy

Audley and James shake hands and are reminded that the competition should remain sportsmanlike. When entering, James takes off his jacket and Audley winds up him up straight away saying that it’s hard for him to breathe. James bites back saying that for people who didn’t know Audley might remember him now, referring to Audley being knocked out as Audley was lying down.

Frenchy takes her role as a cheerleader very seriously and says to Lauren: ‘Shut the f*ck up b*tch, you never play the game, you always lose everything.’

James breaks wind into the enclosed area. Audley pretends that there is a spider in the dome to scare James and later tells him he will give him tickets to his next fight as he knows he has no job and can’t pay for them.

 George speaks to Edele about Frenchy saying, ‘The whole time she is in this house it makes it easier for me to nominate.’ Realising he’s broken the rules by talking about nominations and says sorry to Big Brother.

Lauren goes to the Diary Room and saying she’s been attacked for no reason.

Ricci and Edele try to explain to Frenchy that it was the way she delivered her thoughts to Lauren that was rude.

After two hours and thirty-nine minutes, Audley and James are still arguing. Audley tells James he is immature. James says that Audley is unintelligent.

Audley pretends to spoon James and James says: ‘Don’t touch me mate, you’d make a big mistake if you touched me.’

Lauren, Dee and Claire are watching the boys in the dome from the bedroom. Lauren says that James is always saying he likes confrontation and Claire says: ‘It’s attention seeking.’

Three hours and fifty-two minutes have passed in the dome. James tells Audley that he is always right and that he loves winding Audley up. Audley says: ‘Your level of disrespect is unacceptable.

After almost five hours Audley and James are tempted by a telephone placed outside the dome, when it starts ringing if one of them go outside and pick it up they will receive a five minute phone call with their wives in the Diary Room but will fail the task. Neither of them do.

James and Audley both successfully demonstrated such endurance and they will both be immune from eviction.

George and Stephanie are asked to go to the Diary Room and told that they both broke the rules regarding nominations. The remaining Housemates are told to gather on the sofas so they can watch George and Stephanie in the Diary Room. Stephanie is told that she broke the rules when she said to Edele: ‘If I were to nominate tonight it would be Kellie and Audley, oh shit we’re not supposed to talk about that, sorry, sorry, I was just trying to say I like Gary more.’ George is told that he broke the rules earlier today in his conversation with Edele about Frenchy. They are both told to go to the dome until further notice.

While in the dome, George jokingly tells Stephanie: ‘You should never have fallen in love with me.’

 Frenchy is not impressed as she thinks her vegetarian lasagne has meat in it. Despite reassurances from Big Brother, she refuses to eat it, saying she doesn’t want to get poisoned. She gets up from the table and throws the dinner in the bin, much to the annoyance of everyone.

Ricci wants some answers from Lauren about how she feels about him. He says that if she wants to wait that’s fine, if she just wants to be friends then that’s fine too but he wants to know. Lauren says that she hates to be put on the spot but says ‘You dress amazing, you’re good looking and you’re a really nice guy but she I want to take it slow and I don’t want to jump into things.’


The X Factor - Show Two Teaser.

Back to The Room for our next batch of auditions and tonight, the groups steal the show... boy bands, girl groups, boy and girl groups and even twins; they've got the lot!





The X Factor - The Room Auditions (One)

It’s officially; unashamedly, extravagantly, back! The X Factor returned with a Bond inspired visual masterpiece that could only have been created by the wonderful Ben Winston. Simon, is back. Cheryl, is back. Mel, has arrived. Louis, will never leave.

Thankfully ‘The Room’ has returned; easily one of our favourite rounds, however it’s been unnecessarily jazzed up with backing tracks completely missing the point; more of that later. Judges introduced, excitement teased, it was time for the first act to face the music…

Blonde Electric.

A sister duo who claimed they have toured the world but not yet sang in a helicopter or submarine. They’re yet to master the art of a coherent conversation and somehow managed to do the impossible; they made a Jessie J song even more annoying. However if you ignore the screeching they weren’t completely awful. Mel claimed they were that annoying they were good and Cheryl's words; once she eventually got them out, were that they weren't 'her cup of tea.' They bagged enough yes’s to make it through but we’d rather have Jedward back.

With the revolution of guitar pop and acts such as The Vamps topping the charts, this year there was an obvious rise in the number of wannabe Ed Sheerans. We have to admit we love a bit of The A Team, but lighten up people! Cue a montage of guitar playing clones and Simon smashing one up on the floor. Then in pop’s another boy with a guitar; surely a coincidence…

Reece Bibby.

Inspired by real homegrown acts such as Oasis, Reece brought a much-needed shade of colour to the show, without leaving the vocals behind. He sang a great acoustic version of Sam Smith's 'Latch' and they all loved it. Reece was straight through to the arena stage and his family and friends absolutely swamped him. Louis used the word ‘potential’ for the first time in the series and pointed out that he’s ‘only 15’ so we’ve got a good feeling about him.

Charlie Jones.

We feel a bit dirty about raising an eyebrow in aesthetic appreciation for Charlie, in our defence he looks much older! His voice cracking during his interview brought us back to reality. His version of ‘little things’ got a yes from Simon who said that the other three’s votes didn’t matter.

The iddy biddy youngsters kept on coming with Chloe O’Gorman, her soulful rendition of Joss Stone's  'Right To Be Wrong' was a particular hit with the judges and made it through to the next round. Then came Lauren Platt, she showed off her smooth powerful tones that sounded very mature. The judges loved her soulful voice and she belted her way through to the next rounds wowing the judges and us with 'I Know Where I've Been' from Hairspray.

Ben Quinlan.

He brought some comedy to the show with his infatuation with Cheryl, dedicating his rendition of ‘That’s my goal’ to the apple of his eye. Slightly creepy and bordering on restraining order Ben wasn’t great but somehow the most Irish person we’ve ever seen made it through.

Ben wasn’t the only Cheryl fan; obviously, and we were ‘treated’ to a montage of admiration. Just what the Cheryl centric show needed.

Amy Connelly.

Unlike Cheryl we didn’t managed to pull off pretending we remembered Amy, until they flashed back to 2008 and we exclaimed ‘oh my god, we loved her’. She’s taken a leaf out of Melanie McCabe’s book opting for a change in hair colour for her return. Amy sang 'With You' from the musical 'Ghost' and got a great deal of tearful praise from all of the judges. A proper sob fest! There was no shadow of a doubt that she was going through to the next round. Cue big hugs from Cheryl and happiness all round!

Shayden Willis

The longest audition ever came from Ross from Friends. His original songs managed to clear the room faster than it takes Louis to utter a cliché. After an accidental proposition towards Simon he vacated the room and began beat boxing to poor Dermot.


Stupendously fabulous Chloe-Jasmine sounded if she had just walked out the Downton Abbey trailer, gracing the panel with her traditional looks; she proceeded to tell us that she was from England. Side-eye glances were no doubt exchanged in many a living room. Her voice is stunning! Sounding incredibly smooth and silky, she did not need a backing track or anything to hide behind; her voice was pure gold. Also, many won’t know of the vocal issues she had as a child when she struggled to put a sentence together…. Well look at her now.

Jay James

Handsome, hard-working, family man, great voice; we weren’t prepared to fall in love! After having to withdraw from the Armed Forces due to injury, Jay bought himself a guitar and taught himself to sing; we're massively glad he did! Yes he ticks every X Factor contestant cliché box but somehow he emerges from possible cheese to genuine artist. He blew everyone away with his rendition of 'Say Something' by Great Big World; it oozed passion. Even Mel B shed a tear, that's how great he was. With 4 yes’s we’ll be seeing lots more of Jay.

Overall it was a bloody great show that gave us everything we’d hoped for and more; talent, hilarity, novelty, emotion and a few tears. But it wouldn’t be X Factor if we didn’t have a few moans. There are just two things we’d need changing to call it the best opener ever…

The Room! We were delighted when this audition round returned, it’s what set X factor apart from all the other talent shows and allowed us to see a contestant in all their raw, unedited, intimate glory. Now they’ve gone an introduced a backing track it’s basically the same as every other round with just a few less people watching… you may as well just stick them straight on the stage.

Cheryl. Yes it’s nice she’s back and all that but if we wanted to learn about how wonderful she is and how much people love her we’d watch a documentary or stare at her Instagram. It was completely overlooked that the panel has a brand new judge, one who managed to steal the show with one line ‘what am I? Chopped liver?’ We demand more Mel B!

Who was your stand out favourites?

Meet... Joe Simmonds

Hi Joe, for those that don’t know you, tell us a bit about what you do?

I’m a very young fitness model. I’ve been working towards this for the past couple of years and it’s just starting to take off; I’m also a footballer.

How did you first get into modeling?

Well I got injured through football; I ruptured all the ligaments in my foot. So I got told to go away, get bigger, get stronger; because I wasn’t very big. I was just a normal sized kid really. I went away and I was in the gym every day working hard on my strength and my fitness, then a woman approached me. She suggested I should take up fitness modeling, she sent me to a model agency who really liked me and it wet from there really. After that I got approached to do a fitness competition; competed on the 6th of April, and now we’re here.

What's the hardest part about the competitions?

Definitely diet. 100% diet. It’s horrible, you can’t have chocolate, you can’t have crisps, there’s nothing you can eat basically. You have to drink so much water, there’s no let up to it at all.

Is it competing or modeling that you’d prefer to make a career of?

Definitely the modeling. It’s more fun; you can be more creative with it. I do like the competition side of it but it’s brutal and it can take over your life a bit too.

You mentioned you played a bit of football…

Yeah, I was at Leyton Orient for 4 years and I’ve played for Crystal Palace, Wycombe, West Ham when I was a youngster, so I’ve played quite highly and I’m still playing now. I haven’t got a club at the moment but I’m working on that.

What's the next step for you?

I’ve got a photo shoot coming up in September so I’m just getting ready for that now. Then I’m just looking to boost my profile so I can get a bit of publicity for myself and see what happens.

Where would you like to be and what would you like to be doing in 5 years time?

The main goals for me are, to be playing professional football, 100%, and to be on the front cover of magazine.


Worst habit?

Wasting food and being on my phone 24/7

Biggest turn on?

My girlfriend touching my back and my bum.

Pet hate?

People putting their feet up on the table. Their cheesy feet… it does my head in.

Most embarrassing moment?

I was walking to school with all my mates around me, there was a lamppost and I’ve just walked straight into it. It almost knocked me out, it was like everyone was there to see.

Favourite food?

Lasagne. My mum’s lasagne.

Best feature?

My Back.

Best chat up line?

I don’t really use them. Probably just telling my girlfriend she’s beautiful.

Worst fear?


Head over to TWITTER and enter Joe's fantastic competition, fit for a fitness fan!


CBB - Coming Up... Day 12.

Day 12 in the Big Brother house...

Dee speculates there could be two leaving the house and James says that Leslie thinks he won’t go as the public voted him as the most entertaining. George adds that if he goes he’s going to send hate mail to Dee and Claire.

James thinks that Edele and Ricci would make a nice couple but Claire disagrees saying she’s too mature, Dee add’s it’d be too soon for her to get into another relationship.

Kellie asks the others whether she’d be a lesbian if she has a relationship with a woman after her operation. James and Dee tell her that if she is legally a woman then yes she will be.

James and Gary have a face-off.

Audley jokingly chants ‘Get Stephanie out.’ But she takes it seriously and says he’s being passive aggressive towards her and has been an ‘asshole’ to her since Wednesday.

Audley talks to Dee and Gary about his row with Stephanie where he calls her ‘spoilt.’

James and Edele are throwing cushions and Edele accidently hits Gary spilling his coffee over him. He says she did it on purpose.

Stephanie is spoken to regarding her choice of words towards Gary.

The ‘Big Dummies.’ Task.

The Housemates split into ventriloquist artists and dummies. Claire acts as chat show host.

Frenchy is James’s dummy
Stephanie is Leslie’s dummy
Gary is George’s dummy

 George’s impression of Gary has the housemates laughing.

Housemates then get to ask questions.

Kellie asks Stephanie why she called Audley a passive aggressive prick.

James decides to defend Stephanie and asks Kellie (in his Frenchy voice) why Kellie always runs to the diary room when she gets nominated and cries to get the sympathy vote and why she keeps saying she’s going to walk and never does.

Kellie asks Frenchy to ask her puppet master why he is so arrogant and always wants to be top dog.

After the task, Stephanie confronts Kellie and says that she’s trying to ‘stir shit.’ Stephanie adds: ‘Frank is back.’

Audley tells James that what he said to Kellie is the sort of behaviour that gets him booed. James says he is the sort of person who will always defend a ‘friend.’

Stephanie says to Kellie that she must have known that the question was going to start a fight. Kellie repeats that it was just a question.

Audley talks to Kellie and says that Stephanie is not James’ friend and that he has just met her. James comes over and says to Audley: ‘Just because you haven’t got the balls to stand up for what you believe in.’ some Housemates mock boo James.

Emma announces that Leslie is the second celebrity to leave the Big Brother House.

In the diary room, Kellie says the boos she received have upset her and that maybe she does say she is going to leave too often and maybe the public don’t like that.

Ricci tells Edele that he wants to give his parent grandchildren. She tells him that when she was his age she was married with one child and that she thought it would be forever until something ‘catches you off guard.’ They both agree that everything happens for a reason and that they couldn’t live with regrets.

George tells James and Frenchy that his favourite person in the house is James because he is so honest but there is someone else that he wants to do things with that he wouldn’t do with James. Frenchy asks George why he and Stephanie haven’t ‘fucked’ yet and she tells him that twelve days in the Big Brother house is like dating for 6 months in real life.

Frenchy tells Big brother that she thinks that the romance between Stephanie and George is fake because they don’t kiss or touch.