Sam’s face may look incredibly familiar, not only does he grace you telly screens every evening in the Boohoo adverts but he’s also one of the stars of our Man Candy section (you can see why). Well his face is about to get even more familiar as he launches his official 2015 calendar! We spoke to Sam about a busy 2014, those adverts and of course his ridiculously good-looking calendar…

Hi Sam, 2014 seems like it's been a crazy year for you, has it felt as great and hectic as it's looked?

It has been really busy, but I'm loving every single minute of it! This year has gone so fast I haven’t had time to sit back and relax.

We see your face on our telly most nights in the boohoo adverts, were they fun to film?

They’re so great to film. We all have such a laugh and get to go film in some fantastic locations. It’s great working with Boohoo, we’re like one big family.

Do you get recognised/perved over a lot in public now? What's that like?

I do! It still feels strange but it's a good feeling, the fact that people want to have a picture with me or just say hello and then seeing the smile on their faces or how excited they get; it makes me smile.

Your 2015 calendar is out now! Are you excited?

Definitely! I cannot wait for everyone to see it, I’m so happy with it!

What made you want to do one?

The tweets I was getting from my followers constantly asking for me to do one, it was that much in demand I went with it and did it; I couldn’t not.

How different was it shooting for your own calendar over a normal shoot!?

It was near enough the same but I really enjoyed it because I got to style and direct the whole shoot. All 13 pictures are all exactly what I wanted and I’m very happy with the outcome.

Can you describe your calendar in 3 words?

Hairy. Tatted. Eyes. You'll know why I said ‘eyes’ when you buy it…

What’s it like thinking people are going to have your face on their wall for the next 12 months?

This is really strange that people are wanting me on there wall and the tweets I'm getting about how exited people to have it; I feel honoured.

You're at soccer six this coming weekend, are you looking forward to that?

Yes! it's always great meeting people that have come to see you and as I said before, one 2 second photo makes some peoples day.

If people want to see even more of you, what can they catch you doing next?

Keep your eyes peeled haha!

You can get your hands on Sam’s Official 2015 Calendar here… www.celebritymerchandise.co.uk

INTERVIEW - Sunny Andre

Hi Sunny, for those that don't know you, what 5 words best describe who you are?

Loving, loyal, real, confident and bubbly.

Have you always wanted to model?

YES!!! From when I was little, I was always taking part in school shows, girls brigade events and smaller fashion shows. I have also been involved in some charity fashion shows in aid of cancer research and for breast cancer, modeling at a few events in the past. I’ve always wanted to be working within entertainment and I went onto study performing arts, media production and acting techniques and its something that I really love - not just one part, but all areas of the industry! Getting as much work experience as possible is crucial at the start.

Which area do you see yourself doing career wise?

Acting is something that I want to focus on now, after working within TV production and TV presenting for smaller sky channels in the previous years, it’s now my aim to move more into acting mainstream (film/TV), or commercials; even musicals. I am a Spotlight registered Actress so this is a great credit to have and I am constantly updating my portfolio and looks and getting myself out there! Being born and Bred in London, I am British-Asian and I think that there is that niche market which I fit into and I am looking on getting myself seen more, there isn't enough Asians on TV and I really think this is something that would open up a whole new audience.  Overall - I don't do giving up! Modeling is also something I am working on, and whilst I am not tall enough for 'Catwalk' - there are still many areas within the industry that I can work on and I am looking to work with many different photographers, brands, designers and stylists. I love getting creative! I recently worked on some new portfolio shots with an amazing photographer - Claire Hill (Woodland Hill Photography) and we did a 1960's style 'Good Girl, Gone Bad' style shoot- It was on location, great fun and something different to portray a different character. Portfolios are key in this industry and keeping them updated!

What spurred you on to delve into the entertainment industry?

I've always been creative and confident and it’s just something you either have or you don't! Davina McCall has forever been my TV presenting Idol, and from the moment I saw her on TV, he style, her charisma and warmth, I wanted to be like her. I see a lot of myself in her, the way she carries herself, her presenting style and her bubblyness - she is an inspiration and someone I look up to. I was also very blessed to meet her whilst my brother in law was working with her on a show, so I was over the moon. She is such a real kind of lady and just as lovely in real life!

You've recently got married, how did you guys meet?

We met four years ago via the good old powers of the internet. I was working in TV production at the time. It’s not your average story or what people think, but how we ended up getting together was simply perfect. You couldn't write a story like that!

Your beautiful wedding to Danny was recently in OK!, how fantastic was the day?

Aww, thanks so much. Yes, it was truly stunning, a dream day and one of the most special days of my life! I took it all in and just enjoyed every second! I am now a Mrs and loving my life! Marrying someone that is your 'the one' is the best feeling ever!

Are you happy you decided to head down the 'OK! wedding route'

The memories are there, but to have them in print and be proud and share our special day with everyone is great. There are some gorgeous photos and something to show everyone in 10 years time.... OK! magazine is a classy and well looked at magazine so I had no second thoughts as they are always very respectful and publish great celebrity features. The team at OK! are just a dream to work with and all the beautiful people who made my day so special - thanks so much from us both!

How's married life? What's it like being a fully-fledged member of the Andre clan?

Married life is great. Its great to be a complete unit but to be honest, I've felt like part of the family for a long, long time now and it’s the best feeling to know that I've officially gained some new brothers and a sister, alongside gorgeous nieces and nephews and great mum and dad in laws! I just love them all! My family has welcomed Danny with open arms and they love him like a son! I love how both our families have always bonded.

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

Happy, Successful and Healthy! I've never been one of these people to say, I want this, and I want that, I will give everything my 110% and as long as I have my beautiful family around me, then I am happy. I'm a huge fan of the soaps, in particular, Coronation Street and EastEnders and also reality TV so if any opportunities would arise in either of those - then I would certainly look into them! I'm a confident person, and with me, its 'what you see is what you get', I am a very real person! I have many strings to my bow, and love looking at various projects out there, so things like Big Brother and so on, they don't faze me and work well for some people.

What's coming up next for you?

I have a photo shoot with a top London fashion photographer modeling some gorgeous bridal and evening ball gowns - this is a 1920's inspired shoot and I am also in talks with a producer on a part in a new horror film, soon to be in production, early 2015. Aside from that, I am working more on gaining more modeling projects and acting work.

What advice would you give to someone dreaming of a career in the entertainment industry?

Never give up and follow your heart. work hard, take in as much as possible, and always treat people how you want to be treated. It’s a tough industry, your forever learning, be prepared for knock backs but I find they make u stronger and more determined. just because you might not be right for one person, it doesn't mean that it will always be that way. enjoy, live, learn and never change.

For those who want to follow me and see what I am up to, checkout my official website www.sunnyandre.co.uk and follow me on Twitter @MrsSunnyAndrea.


TOWIE - Episode One

The Ibiza tans may be beginning to fade (not that you’d notice) now they’re all back in Essex but the drama certainly isn’t. Chloe and Elliott are on the rocks, James is talking about his feelings, Lewis is still a twat and Ricky’s beard is still glorious. Here’s what else we learnt…

1. We’re considering booking an appointment at Chloe’s, we really could do with a good hair combing.
2. Chloe was the Yoda of dating advice; oh the irony.
3. Tommy and Nellie cuddles are cuter than a baby sloth waving.
4. Autumninal is not only a word incredibly hard to pronounce, it’s also not a word.
5. Every time Elliott sheds a tiny tear a fairy dies.
6. Georgia and Tommy are an Essex Romeo and Juliet, minus the feuding families and poison.
7. Lewis used to have really good hair, we can’t actually pinpoint when it all went wrong. Someone should really let him know only Clare Balding can pull off that doo.
8. We'd hire Ricky to fill our cracks! (Your mind went there, not ours)
9. When Ferne heard about Chloe and Elliott’s issues she was like an old lady waiting for one number at the bingo, she couldn't even try to hide the smug grin.
10. Lockie giving relationship advice is like a cat stroking a dog, it’s just odd.
11. George should be honoured. Tom branched out from wine tasting to sushi making dates.
12. Someone also needs to tell Lewis an apology is normally more acceptable if there’s an ounce of sincerity. That same person should also explain to him what sincerity is.
13. Rule 8 in the Mallet handbook - don't kiss girls in clubs, it'll ruin your chances with any other girl.
14. Mario's beard looks like it's slipped forward. His necks far too manly for this stage of face fuzz.
15. Chloe and Elliot are on a break. It's like Ross and Rachel all over again! How can they not see they're each other lobster!


MIC - Episode One.

Our favourite posh folks are back in their native habitat and what happened in New York has definitely not stayed in New York – thank god! Andy and his beautiful nostrils are back, there’s fresh meat in the form of Will and Lonan and Spenny has discovered mornings. Here’s what else we learnt…

1. Andy's nipples look glorious in the Devon sun.
2. Never hire Stevie to deliver shocking news; he does no cushioning prep whatsoever!
3. Mark Francis wisdom - If you're on a yacht it doesn't matter where you are.
4. Sam is so up for dating, but he’s a bit too keen; kind of like a puppy that’s discovered dry humping.
5. Spenny has had a haircut and got 73% more attractive; it shouldn’t be legal.
6. He's also discovered the morning. He just used to refer to it as the part of the day where he calls a taxi to remove females.
7. Lucy is a cool chick. Proudlock thinks she's a cool chick. She's a cool chick ok.
8. Sam needs to work on his interview technique; maybe he should take note of the Barcaly’s life skills adverts.
9. Lucy got attention and liked it but now she’s totally panicking. Kind of like when you win the Jackpot on a slot machine but aren’t sure if you’ll be able to fit all the pound coins in your pockets.
10. We can't help wondering if Andy has a room just for his check shirts.
11. Alik is American Andy.
12. We want to move to Devon
13. We instantly have fallen in love with Will. It was like the very first time we tried a Strawberry Daiquiri, perfection.
14. The Binky/Louis/Lonan/Will intro chat when from polite to filth in 0.5 seconds.
15. Tiffany has arrived and we had flashbacks to that time everyone thought Emma Watson was Lucy’s actual sibling. We prefer Tiff.
16. Lonan looks like a sexy computer nerd with the body of Thor. It so works for us.
17. Spandy reuniting is almost as exciting as S Club 7 making a comeback.
18. Who knew Spencer had so many talents; charmer, speaks French, wears leather exceptionally well and is now an artist!
19. We feel Rosie's once in a decade tan pain.
20. Alik has been in England 10 minutes and already learnt so much; roasts are not BBQ’s, the coast is the ocean and girls giggle uncontrollably when he says Hubbah Hubbah Hubbah.
21. Proudlock in THAT outfit. We're not sure how to feel about the lesbian art teacher look, it's confused us.
22. Sinners are so much hotter than saints - hellooooooo Sinner Stevie.
23. Mytton opting for a saint’s costume at Spencer's party was one of the most ironic things we've ever seen.
24. Spenny saying Andy doesn't care if a girl has a boyfriend or not is the second most ironic thing.


SCD - Week Three

Week three and our first theme was upon us. We’re not usually a fan of the ol’ theme weeks, they tend to be far too full of gimmicks and it tends to ruin what could potentially have been a really, really great dance for some couples. This year however they’ve managed to pull off movie week with a touch of pizzazz. Perfect.

The opening number was amazing, the combo of singing judges and Donny Osmond really shouldn’t have worked, but somehow it did. Speaking of Donny, he wasn’t an awful judge, but he wasn’t exactly a Strictly judge. We’re not fond of this 5th guest judge thing; they really effect the leader board and took the shine off when the first ‘real’ 10 is dished out.

Alison & Aljaz
Jive to Footloose

We demand Ali and Ali open the show every week! She had the character needed for a jive down to a T and had bags of energy from start to end. She had a slight issue with the footwork and her kicks and flicks needed a bit more sharpness, however this certainly didn’t take away from the overall feel and general awesomeness of their jive.

Scored | 28 |
Our Score | 7 |

Steve & Ola
Quickstep to I Wanna Be Like You

He was a tad disappointing last week but this time he was back with a bang and showing definite improvement. Although this had comedy elements and a strong theme, it wasn’t taken to extremes and there was plenty of content, which Steve danced well. He needs to be lighter on his feet though as it felt a little heavy in places, but apart from that it was easily his best dance to date!

Scored | 34 |
Our Score | 7 |

Jennifer & Tristan
Foxtrot to Mamma Mia

Unlike Craig we kind of liked the miming from Jennifer and Tristan, it seemed to help build her confidence throughout the dance and certainly showed she was enjoying the whole routine. Unfortunately the song didn’t really lend itself to the foxtrot and everything put together didn’t quite work; hardly their fault though. However She did have some great footwork in places and really grew into the dance.

Scored | 23 |
Our Score | 5 |

Simon & Kristina
Rumba to Take My Breath Away

There’s no denying that technically this was great, it had every element you’d want and hope to see in a rumba, but for some reason something was missing. Despite it being a fantastically choreographed routine performed well, it lacked an emotional connection. Normally he’d probably get away with it but this dance needs to ooze emotion. Despite that he did capture the mood in places, which bodes well, and he had excellent arm placement. Kristina definitely shined in this routine!

Scored | 30 |
Our Score | 7 |

Judy & Anton
Quickstep to Don’t Rain on my Parade

Another improvement this week, it’s slow and steady but it’s an improvement all the same. It was all a bit stiff and there was a few mistakes throughout the routine but she seems to be getting her nerves under control which should help to iron out the little mistakes.

Scored | 23 |
Our Score | 5 |

Tim & Natalie
Charleston to Money, Money

We definitely prefer Tim as a ballroom baron but his cheeky Charleston still had us sat at home smiling. He had all the character needed to create the Charleston vibe but he did unfortunately lack much of the technique. We still have a big soft spot for this duo though.

Scored | 22 |
Our Score | 5 |

Caroline & Pasha
Rumba to I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Oh the choreography, oh the lines, oh the passion, oh the precision, oh the emotion, oh we loved it. This was definitely Caroline’s dance, she was just stunning to watch. She had immaculate moments of light and shade, which were well held and controlled beautifully. Her movements were fluid and she showed so much passion in her performance it was very special to watch. Easily one of our favourite routines of the series so far.

Scored | 42 |
Our Score | 9 |

Scott & Joanne
Samba to Under The Sea

Erm… hmmm… errr… we’re not quite sure if this actually happened or we had a very odd dream that Scott was dancing dressed as a crab on live Saturday night telly. If it did indeed happen, he didn’t look very comfortable in his body whilst executing this dance but his face told a different, much more fun story. He looked a little awkward and didn’t show the confidence that’s needed for a good Samba. It did have bounce though, even if it wasn’t in the right place and the overall production was brilliant though!

Scored | 25 |
Our Score | 4 |

Frankie & Kevin
Paso Doble to America

From the start, this routine was full of drama and attack. It was fast and full on, but she matched Kevin all the way! There was lots of great, challenging choreography and top-notch skirt action. Brilliant passion and aggression throughout and we really enjoyed the Flamenco element to the steps. Kevin somehow managed to top his Paso with Susanna; something we never thought possible! Amazing.

Scored | 45 |
Our Score | 9 |

Jake & Janette
Waltz to Godfather Waltz

Our mouths have barely had time to close since last weeks stunning salsa so it was nice to switch it up head back to ballroom. Even his simple steps onto the dance floor were dark and dramatic leading perfectly into a slick and sophisticated Waltz. There was brooding passion that built throughout Janette’s originally choreographed routine. This dance couldn’t be more different to last weeks and just shows how versatile and talented Jake is.

Scored | 40 |
Our Score | 8 |

Pixie & Trent
Quickstep to Be Our Guest

We loved the theatricality of the number and Pixie was near faultless at mastering the tricky footwork required. They both looked brilliant in hold and you really struggled to spot the amateur from the pro in this duo. Pixie gave an extraordinary performance out on the dance floor with beautiful ‘double’ pirouettes and yet more amazing choreography from Trent.

Scored | 43 |
Our Score | 9 |

Thom & Iveta
Charleston to New York, New York

This Charleston had great personality; cheeky character and Thom lead Iveta around the floor well. He had great swivel throughout and gave boundless energy. Despite a slight timing issue, which really didn’t take anything away from the routine it was his best performance so far. Improving week after week Thom’s potential is endless.

Scored | 38 |
Our Score | 8 |

Sunetra & Brendan
American Smooth to The Way You Look Tonight

A very classy and stylish American Smooth from Sunetra and our favourite pro-dancer Brendan. It was easily their best dance yet. The pair danced very well together and are clearly forming a great partnership. Their routine had solid holds and lifts whilst demonstrating some very smooth movements and well placed arms. It was style with a smile; beautiful.

Scored | 40 |
Our Score | 8 |

Karen & Mark
Paso Doble to Superman

Such a great way to end the show! Fun, entertaining and hilarious – we completely cracked up at Mark’s serious facial expression whilst sporting a Superman cape. Initially his footwork looked great and he had a strong posture full of attack, but it all kind of descended into comic chaos. If we’re honest, the effects were stronger than some of the steps and we’re not sure the judges being in hysterics was quite the desired result but even so, we couldn’t help but love it.

Scored | 35 |
Our Score | 7 |

Another cracking show with hands down a handful of the best routines we’ve seen this series. The competition is already seriously hotting up!