EastEnders - Ben is back!

There’s a new Mitchell heading to the Square, now when we say new we only half mean it. Ben Mitchell is BACK, but with a brand new face in the form of Harry Reid.

Ben left Walford after finally being banged up for killing poor ol’ Hev in 2012. Earlier this year little Ben was released early from prison but has since given Albert Square a wide birth… but that’s all about to change.

There’s drama aplenty waiting for Ben when he arrives, there’s daddy Phil, Lola and baby Lexi and most importantly Hev’s best mate Shirely. We can’t imagine there’ll be much need for many mini quiches at his welcome home party!

Harry said “I'm very excited to be joining EastEnders – not only because it's a great show but also to be playing Ben, a character that is so renowned and from such an iconic family. I'm looking forward to getting started and working closely with the legendary Steve McFadden. I can't wait to become a fully-fledged Mitchell.”

The man responsible for making EastEnders watchable again Dominic Treadwell-Collins, Executive Producer said: “Ben’s half-Beale and half-Mitchell and Harry perfectly encapsulates both the Mitchell danger and Beale heart that make Ben such a complex character. Ben’s return to the Square is going to have big repercussions for his family, his friends – and his enemies. Plus a few residents he hasn’t even met yet…”

Ben will be back with a bang later this year.


TOWIE - Episode Six.

Episode 6 already!! Wednesday’s episode gave us fashion drama, new looks, more Ricky action and polo. When we say polo we mean people at the polo, nobody wants to watch actual polo. Here’s what we learnt…

1. Elliott spray-painted those jeans over Damn Wright; it’s the only logical explanation.
2. Gemma loves Bobby more than bread, initially a loving gesture but on closer inspection who actually loves bread on its own?
3. His mouth was saying no but Diags’s feet were saying yes, oh yes.
4. In Essex it takes 4 men to buy a pair of shoes.
5. Making all your kids friends one day shouldn’t sound sinister, somehow Ferne made it.
6. Ricky was getting his Yoda on again and the bit-of-rough-sexy-stubble was back.
7. New Grace sounds just like old Grace… unfortunately.
8. We couldn’t agree more with Chloe! It’s raining and you arrange a garden meet Charlie?! Did you not even consider the hair frizz!!
9. We didn’t pay much attention to what Charlie was saying, we were more focused on wondering if he physically can’t grow more facial hair or if it’s style choice.
10. Victoria Beckham certainly wouldn’t get offended if Kat Slater didn’t like her fashion show.
11. Vas chose an event where everyone is dressed super dapper to go camo… we so don’t understand being on trend.
12. Arg gets 64% less twatish when he’s around Lydia.
13. Grace finds Fran intimidating. This is the same Fran who looks like she’d lose a fight with a Borrower! She would however win a mouthy match against a 13-year-old chav.
14. Tom went from Polo Gent to Grease Lightening Hunk during his outfit change. We know which we prefer…
15. Elliott isn’t good at speeches? Lies! We recall several of his Wright almighty monologues he so loves to share.
16. Vas, Jaz, Paz… she’s got a degree in buying and merchandising, alright!
17. Agent Ricky went straight in with the killer question, Arg & Lydia? He got it from a never to a who knows within seconds.
18. We know Fran and Grace had an argument of sorts but we have no idea what was said, we had to press mute.


Man Candy - Luke Carson

We sure do love a bit of Luke Carson, not only is he extremely talented and pretty damn handsome but he's also bloody lovely! So lovely in fact he's agreed to a little treat for you all...

Do you want to see a bit more of Luke? (silly question we know) Well if a few targets are hit you'll be seeing just that! LUKE IS GETTING NAKED!

No your eyes are not deceiving you, it's true! If the following targets are hit Luke has promised to get his kit off and do a naked shoot!

It's not easy to get him in his birthday suit though, it'll only happen IF...

This feature gets 5000 views!
Luke - @LukeCarson23 hits 20k followers!
We - @ItsBizNews hit 3.5k followers!

All before the end of the commonwealth games (3rd August)!

So get viewing and get following!!!

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of our Luke Carson Man Candy feature...



The World Cup is now officially over and so is our DREAMTEAM mini league! The Germans were crowned world champions but more importantly we’ve got a winner of our fantastic prize bundle!

Congratulations Iain Hesketh!
You’ve won prizes from…

The complete Calvin Klein world cup underwear collection from Bang & Strike.

A prize from celeb and athlete favourite, Musclefood.

A voucher for Machine Fitness.

A stylish and much in demand Curbbz bracelet.

Diamond Whites home teeth whitening kit.

A tasty Hug Box.

Please contact us either via Twitter @ItsBizNews or Email itsbiznews@gmail.com to claim your prize. You have until Monday 21st July to get in touch or we’ll have to offer your prize to second place Ross Little. (We’ll try our best to hunt you down before then Iain)

Meet Sheppard...

There’s a brand new band that’s about to become a real treat to your ears and they’re called Sheppard!

Now, we say brand new, but that’s not exactly true. They’ve been together since 2011 and have since taken their native Australia by storm. After huge success they’re heading to our shores to spread their musical love.

Sheppard is made up of siblings George, Amy and Emma along with Jay Bovino, Michael Butler and Dean Gordon. They pride themselves on writing exciting power pop tracks with the happy laid-back vibes you’d expect from a bunch of Aussies.

Back in Australia their debut single ‘Let Me Down Easy’ went double platinum and sat snug in the itunes charts for over 6 months! Then they released ‘Geronimo’, which fast became the first independently released Australian single to top the ARIA charts in over 30 years. It’s this track that Sheppard have released here in the UK and after just one listen it’s easy to see why the band have been such a hit. ‘Geronimo’ is original, creative and a joy to our ears; the perfect soundtrack to a happy summer.

We predict huge things for the talented sextet; they’re represented by Steve Strange (Eminem & Coldplay) here in the UK as well as the legendary Scooter Braun in the US. It won’t be long before they’re following in the footsteps of other Aussie exports Iggy Azalea and 5SOS!

If you're heading to V Festival this year be sure to check them out, you won't be disappointed! You can also follow the talented folks on Twitter @wearesheppard.